Moving on with my healing process, I discovered that fear (especially the fear of death) made me rigid. I’m no longer flowing, no longer using my creativity to create and improve myself. I lost my flexibility both in my way of thinking and in my way of moving. Sometimes, I feel like I’m one of those hags that yell at children.

I feel old and stagnant.

Somehow, I got so disappointed with everything around me that I stopped moving. I’m no longer open minded, no longer welcoming new ideas. I started acting like a robot, mindlessly moving through the days. I even began to think that many of my old beliefs are stupid.

That’s why I’m taking it from the beginning, rediscovering yoga, slowly reopening myself to what I used to believe in. I repressed so many emotions, so many desires that I became lifeless.

My intention is to align myself with my needs and welcome back the creative energy that I lost since I was a child.

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  1. Amorina Rose says:

    I like this idea very much.

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    1. moonraven44 says:

      Thank you 🤗

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  2. says:

    Love this! Good for you!!! 🙏🏽😊❤️

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    1. moonraven44 says:

      Thank you. I’m really trying to achieve a little bit of balance in my life and my body and I’m glad I made this decision.

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      1. says:

        Absolutely!!! Cheering you on from the virtual bandstand.😉


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