Surprise yourself

What an exciting day today is, right? It’s Wednesday! And what are we doing today? We surprise ourselves!

For this Wednesday I choose a long bubble bath with candles, incense sticks, and a glass of red wine. It’s therapeutic, relaxing, and fun. I recommend this to everyone, gals and guys alike, and don’t you give me that look! You know what I’m talking about: that one with a raised eyebrow that says “Pfff, bubble bath? What do you take me for? A pansy?!”. Well, this is not about lowering your testosterone levels or making you feel like less of a “real” man, but about trying something that you probably avoid or dismiss as not suitable for a particular type of… personality. Guys, I really encourage you to do this, to surprise yourself, no matter how silly it may sound.

After a difficult day at work, take this time for yourself. Bring your favorite beverage, watch an episode of your favorite show, listen to some music. Stay as long as you want, feel free from responsibilities and enjoy. You can also surprise your spouse and share this time together. It’s magical and it surely brings you closer.

I usually spend an hour or sometimes more and I watch “Friends”, or YouTube videos. I never bring a book because I don’t want the pages to get wet. Most of the time my guy is there with me and it makes everything so much better. He enjoys it and thinks that is a nice treat at the end of a long day. Sometimes, I laugh at him saying “Look at us ladies, having a bubble bath and gossiping. Isn’t it nice?”.

Don’t think that these are trivial things, because most of the time the simplest things bring the most joy into our daily lives. When you’ll look back, these are the memories that you’ll cherish the most.

What are you going to remember one year from now: the hard day at work or trying something different, in this case maybe your first bubble bath?

Be brave, be silly, be full of surprises, be adventurous. Keep growing young!


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