The Moon

This tarot card shows that nothing is what it seems, that the world is an illusion, everything is confusing and unclear. It represents the struggle to separate reality from fantasy. The anxiety is overwhelming and can cloud your way of seeing the world.

Is the world I see through my eyes the same you see through yours? If you took a look at the world through my eyes would you see it the way I do or would you filter it through your mind and your own set of beliefs?

Is the pain I feel tangible or does it exist only in my own mind? The Buddhist teachings tell us that we live an illusory life and we need to see past it in order to reach Nirvana. Pain, hunger, satisfaction, emotions, all is but a product of the mind, chemical reactions of the body.

Our fear confuses us. We may see a shadow in the dark and appear to us as a monster, but if we could get closer we’d see that it was only a trick of the mind and our fear had no substance. Everything may seem unclear when the mind is troubled. Life’s uncertainty confuses us.

We see the world through the lenses of distrortion.

But the reality is only one. There’s only one truth. The only thing that differs are our different perspectives and life experiences. Then, how do we know what’s true? Is meditation the answer? Can we really trust our instincts when discerning our view of the world?

When the mind is disturbed we cannot clearly see even what’s in front of our eyes. We need to calm down and let the dark thoughts consume themselves, just like the ripples in a lake. If you close your eyes and let the anxiety, the restlessness fades away and when you look again, you’ll notice that things have changed.

Then, what’s real: the intensity of our pain or the relief after realising it?

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  1. 3v3shady777 says:

    Interesting interpretation of the card. Iā€™m now inspired to write about my own tarot cards… šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. moonraven44 says:

      Thank you for reading.


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