Dreams in a jar

We’re almost two weeks into the new year and nothing really changed. I don’t understand how people expect everything to be different once January begins. Life just goes on, it doesn’t hit a reset button once we shift the pages of the calendar. And after the holidays passed, everybody gets back to work and everybody gets back to the same old routine. The enthusiasm of starting something anew is slowly fading and we forget about the promises and wishes we made on New Year’s Eve.

Ain’t that sad?

How we get in touch with ourselves for one moment and we promise (once again) that we’ll not abandon ourselves this time and we’ll take ourselves more seriously, only to get back to our (boring?) lives and continue as if nothing happened?

Maybe we expected that moment when the clock struck midnight, the perfect line between past and future, to act as a portal or a wormhole that could propel us into another space, a dimension where all of our dreams come true.

Once we return to our jobs it’s like the magic had vanished, we burst the bubble and go back to the “real” world.

Is this the real world? Our jobs?!

Why can’t we live our life as if it was a constant holiday and celebrate life everyday?

What’s life for if it isn’t about living for your dreams?

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