Engage with others

This was a tough one for me.

Depression isolates you. It’s like a manipulative boyfriend who wants to control every aspect of your life and separates you from your friends and family. It constantly reminds you of your flaws, how weak you are, how unworthy, how you don’t deserve anything.

Don’t listen to it. Answer the phone, stop making excuses not to see anyone, or go outside. Even if you don’t feel like talking, meet up with others and let them do the talking. You just get out of the house, look at them, listen to what they have to say.

If you feel like you don’t have any friends, then go online. You can read blogs of people struggling with the same problems and engage with them. You can write your own story. You are not alone in this. Interacting with other people creates a sense of belonging, of security, it makes you feel that you are part of this world, not separated from it.

I avoided seeing others because I didn’t want to answer their questions about how I was or what was I doing and I lacked the energy to entertain them or pay attention to them. More than often I would space out and feel uncomfortable. My only desire was to be in bed.

Opening up to others helps more than you think. Your friends and family can offer you advice, suggestions on how to get out of this dark pit you fell into. Or they can offer you a warm shoulder to cry on.

When I was miles away from home, in a city I didn’t like but had to live in because of college, I had someone from my hometown close. When I decided to finally open up and look for help, I felt so much better. Even if I kept repeating the same things over and over again, this person listened and comforted me, and slowly, like a jigsaw puzzle, helped me put myself together piece by piece. And I survived to live another day.

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  1. lynnfay73 says:

    Yeah, it can help to reach out even if you don’t want to. But this climate makes it difficult to do that like normal. Maybe the tide is changing some and some normality will resume. Glad you are feeling better.

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    1. moonraven44 says:

      All of this happened years ago, years before even the pandemic, so it was easier to interact with others. I just didn’t want to. It took some time and courage to make me be around people. I can’t imagine how difficult it is now for people struggling with depression and anxiety and not being able to reach out even if they want to.

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