Comfort food or comfort your food?

Whenever your body needs something, it will let you know. Loud and clear. You just have to tune in the right frequency. When you’re trying to heal yourself, you have to listen closely to those needs and understand them. Remember to always be kind to your body, but don’t overindulge in crappy food. When your soul hurts, your body hurts and it needs vitamins, not mountains of sugar and fatty fast food.

In the lowest of my times, I didn’t feel like taking care of myself. I had little to no energy for it anyway. The trivial feeling of hunger completely eluded me. I didn’t feel like eating and I couldn’t care less, but I knew I had to eat at some point. So, when it came to food, I ate whatever required minimum or no effort on my part. I had some fast-food restaurants 3 minutes away from my bedroom. All I had to do was go down the stairs and take a quick turn around the block. It took longer to get dressed and making me want to get out the door than actually get there.

Little did I know or care that all this crappy food was providing me with no nutrients at all and it was only fueling my depression day after day. It made me feel lethargic, anxious. Not to mention, that after years of being a vegetarian, my body suffered a direct hit from eating so badly.

It is important to try and be aware and choose your food carefully. Also, treat food with respect. Eat mindfully. Nourish your body, don’t deprive it. I know now that I was self-destructive and I didn’t care about what was happening to my body. I had this hole inside of me that needed to be filled with something, anything. I ate but felt no taste, no joy. Food didn’t quite provide any comfort, but I forced myself to eat because I knew I had to stay alive one more day.

You can find comfort in food but choose wisely. Take better care of the body and the soul will begin its healing process. If I had chosen better, maybe I could’ve helped myself sooner.

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