More strange dreams

The coffee tastes different today. A bit more bitter, a bit fierier. Like a dragon’s breath. The squid-like creature from my dreams is back, but this time in another form. As the sky turned from red blood to pitch black, it changed its shape into some shadowy banners, almost transparent, falling from the clouds and exploding at the touch of the ground. A rain of gold began to fall and it burned the earth like acid. It seems that it wants to destroy the world.

Like most people, I find dreams fascinating, especially those that linger in your mind for the whole day, giving you a feeling of dread that you cannot escape from. Maybe my days are getting boring. Haha!

How do you deal with your subconscious monsters? Do you remember your dreams and nightmares?


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  1. colinmcqueen says:

    My dreams, like my waking moments, are far too boring to remember. That’s why I write a blog about ’em 😉

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    1. moonraven44 says:

      sometimes, when life gets boring I have vivid and exciting dreams. of course, movies and books also help with having interesting dreams, and that’s why the night is probably my favorite time of the day :))

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