Recharge your mind

How can we improve our days?

We live in a world where we need a constant reminder to take care of ourselves. At the end of the day, we need to slow down.

Having an evening routine is as important as a morning routine. It is not necessarily about being more productive, but about discipline and learning how to be more aware, bringing the mind to the present moment, and destressing our lives. Developing mindfulness is a result of a clear mind, which will eventually lead to being more motivated. While the morning routine helps us get ready for the day, having an evening routine helps us unwind and destress.

Have a cut-off time

We are so invested in the outside world that when we get home from work we are actually still out there. Even if the work day has ended, we feel the stress of the next day, and we think about what went wrong during the day and what needs to be done. We are still thinking about the interactions we had with other people and it seems impossible to shut down. That’s why we need to recharge, to cool off.

So, pick a time only for yourself and free your mind of any thoughts and worries. Water is known as a purifier. Taking a shower or a bath can help you relax and come back to stillness, cutting off the outside world and bringing your attention inward, to your own well-being. Asian countries treat baths as a religious ritual. Train yourself to leave everything behind, letting the water cleanse your body, washing away the experiences of the day. Let everything go. Turn off the thinking part. Your mind gets overloaded with thoughts for the whole day, and now it is time to release everything and recharge. Set an intention to cool down and rest.

Evening meditation or yoga

This may be difficult at first because the mind continues to wander, but slowly you will get more and more calm, allowing the mind to settle. Observe what is happening and even if new thoughts appear, don’t engage, just go back into stillness and bring your mind to the present moment.

Still thinking about a conversation you had, a project that needs to be finished, and so on, creates a lot of pressure because your mind is on constant alert, leading to burnout. You need to acknowledge that the day is over and now it’s time to let go. Be kind to yourself, you did your best, and now it’s time to nourish yourself.

Your body is home, but what about your mind?

Train your mind to let go. Find balance, recharge and the next day will be better. Productivity is a result of a healthy, bright mind. Give it a try.


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  1. quiall says:

    This is excellent advice! Thank you for following my blog.

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