Creepy farmers :))

Why are all the cartoon pictures of farmers so spooky?! Just look at this guy!

He’s standing there, staring at you with fixating eyes and a hidden smile under his mustache. Holding his spading fork pointing up, you can sense his murderous intent. Who knows what’s going on in his head?!

What happens if you take away his weapon of choice? He’s going rampant!!

But give him back his tool and he’s once again in a “happy” mood.

I don’t know about you, but I find them scary. :))

Have a nice Friday!

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  1. Amorina Rose says:

    Well, why not. I mean holding a pitchfork isn’t exactly welcoming.

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    1. moonraven44 says:

      Well, yeah. and trying to teach kids what a farmer is and showing them these pictures… aren’t they getting scared? :))

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