Make room to slow down

We’ve all been there more than once. You know, those mornings when you wake up and, even after a good night’s sleep, a bunch of Dementors are hovering over you, draining you of every bit of energy and happy thoughts. You feel terribly tired and unable to start the day, but the alarm goes off, forcing you to put one foot down and then the other and stand up. The room spins around a few times, then settles. You slowly make your way to the kitchen and brew some coffee, hoping that this magical elixir will blow life back into your body.

But this is one of those dreadful days that require more than a cup of coffee to stop you from becoming a corpse. It’s one of those days when you want the whole world to go quiet, when even the sound of your own breath is too loud. A day when you wish that the whole universe could stay still for a moment and let you sleep.

It’s only natural to feel tired and to want to take a break from everything from time to time. you feel the need to recharge like a moonstone set on the windowsill to absorb power and energy from the full moon. You want to be embraced by a gentle light, instead of the nuclear power of the mighty Sun.

Whenever you feel like this, you tend to fight against it by drinking oceans of coffee until the legs shake and begin dancing on their own. Rather than being so harsh to yourself, let this day sink in. You may energize your body with stimulants, but your mind remains tired. This is a day to cleanse, take things slowly, and find comfort in moving more gently.

Relax your mind, relax your body. There is a time for running, there is a time for lying down, there is a time for everything.

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  1. What a great perspective to have on those negative days. Though drinking coffee till your legs start dancing on their own also sounds like a pretty good deal about now 😛

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