Dark sky, dark soul

It looks like it rains with acid. The sky is so dark I feel like I’m on another planet. A thick layer of fog covers the city, everything looks like it’s sinking. How can people drive through that? And with such speed and anger!

I don’t like humidity, especially on cold weather. Everytime a drop of rain touches my face, my skin shrieks with the voice of a Banshee. The sky looks like it’s going to fall over me any minute now. This kind of day is better spent inside, far away from all these sulky and hostile people. They are never satisfied. It is either too cold or too hot, it either rains too much or not enough. In days like this people are extremely irascible and even wishing them a good day makes them want to throw a fist into your stupid smile.

Days like this make me sink inside myself, slowly getting closer and closer to the bottom. And it feels comfortable while my body goes numb and my mind shuts. My heavy carcass falls deeper into the shadows of life, while the world can shove a foot up their ass, for all I care.

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