Comfort in Dreams

After years and years of wandering around, I find her again. My heart aches, my soul burns, my mind is full of words I want to tell her, of memories I want to share. A million years have passed and she’s still my most faithful mirror.

She told me I could come with her. I wanted to. I wanted it so bad. When she appeared, she was carrying a suitcase. Actually, she is always carrying a suitcase, she is always leaving… And this time she was wearing a long black dress with colorful flowers at the edges. I love that dress, it reminds me of a fresh summer’s night.

She said I don’t have to feel alone because she is always with me. Her voice dug deep into my soul and unravelled indescribable pain and loneliness…

My whole world used to revolve around her. Her beauty and kindness could turn dust into life. She was the light in my darkness, she was the stream of life in my empty shell. She died 12 years ago.

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