Mysterious Books II – The Book of Soyga

Another mysterious book, known as The Book of Soyga, Alderaia sive Soyga vocor or The Book That Kills, is a 16th-century Latin book containing incantations, magic, astrology, demonology, and the genealogies of angels. It is written by an unknown author, using some weird practices, like reversing words in the Hebrew Kabbalah tradition. Even so, it is mostly translatable with the exception of the final 36 pages, which are filled with big squares with 36 rows per 36 columns containing over 46 000 Latin letters that are completely random.

The book belonged to a mathematician, scholar, and advisor to Queen Elizabeth in 1500 England, named John Dee. He was also into alchemy and the occult, obsessed with communicating with angels. He thought that the randomly distributed letters may hide a secret message or the key to unlocking a holy language, therefore he worked with a medium to communicate with the Archangel Uriel. Supposedly, Uriel told him that the only one who could unlock the code was Archangel Michael, but whoever revealed its secrets would die in 2 and a half years.

The book got stolen from his library and it went missing for 500 years, until 1994. One of the manuscripts turned up in the British Library, and another one in Oxford at the Bodleian Library under the same title. In 2006, James Reeves claims to have deciphered the final tables using computer algorithms. He discovered a six-letter seed word in each table that gives you the key to solving it.

(If this book got your attention, you can find a bit more information about it here – Blog of wonders)

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