Silver Sun

As days begin to get warmer I enjoy being outside more. Taking long walks around the city fills me with joy. Seeing parts of the city I forgot about or never even set foot in until now excites me. Exploring is fun. The sky today was mostly clear, but the Sun was hidden behind a…

See yourself through other’s eyes

Have you ever tried to look at yourself through others’ eyes? When interacting with other people, try to look at yourself from their perspective. Is what you think about yourself the same as what others think about you? If not, which is the real you?

Spooky day!

We all know by now, I suppose, about the Celtic festival called Samhain, pronounced SAH-win, (however that works) that is considered to be the origin of Halloween. People from back then believed that on this day the veil between the world of the living and that of the dead things and the spirits can freely…

To dream or not to dream?

I woke up shaking in the middle of the night after a bad dream, so intense that it kept me awake for hours. Isn’t there anything to keep us safe from night terrors?

Road trip

It wasn’t a planned trip. And it wasn’t supposed to last for the whole day. Once again, I got home too late and was too tired to even put my thoughts in order. I didn’t finish today’s story about a mythological creature, and, as much as I squeezed my brains out for a topic to…