Teke Teke – a modern Japanese urban legend

She is angry and her only purpose is to punish and kill. This vengeful Japanese ghost gets her name from the sound she makes with her fingernails while she’s dragging herself towards her victim. There are two versions of the Teke-Teke story, one that dates back to post-WWII-occupied Japan, and one that appeared around 1957….

The story of Jack-O’-Lantern

They symbolize harvests and crops, prosperity, growth, and abundance and they are associated with Halloween. They even have their own National Day celebrated every 26th of October in North America. Did you guess it? Yes, pumpkins! Pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin spiced latte, pumpkin lanterns! This whole season is full of pumpkin everything!…

Rusalka, the demon water Nymph

From good to evil, she has a heartbreaking story in which goodness and love don’t prevail. She is the Rusalka, a water Nymph turned to demon after her love is not shared. She is known to leave the water depths during springtime, on Rosalia, Green Thursday, or rusalka Easter. Also, in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine,…

How do you keep the story alive?

Whenever I write, I must feel every inch of it, I must feel the words running down my veins, mixing up with my blood, dripping along with the tears in my eyes. It must fill my lungs with the scent of burned paper. But, usually, after some time, the story dies and it just bursts…

A Mexican urban legend

Another monster lurks in the darkness looking for its next victim. Can you escape it? The message of the La Mala Hora is quite clear: be aware when travelling alone at night. Enjoy your Sunday. See you tomorrow for our weekly cup of coffee!

Put him in a bag!

It’s night again, full moon. You are alone, just walking around and you hear a baby crying. Will go and help him? Meet the Bubak, a Slavic creature who lures his prey by mimicking the cries of an infant. Enjoy your Sunday. See you tomorrow for our weekly cup of coffee!