See yourself through other’s eyes

Have you ever tried to look at yourself through others’ eyes? When interacting with other people, try to look at yourself from their perspective. Is what you think about yourself the same as what others think about you? If not, which is the real you?

Spiced Coffee Monday

Hello, friends, and happy Monday! Today we are at the beginning of a new week and, also, another month. November is here and it is time to prepare our to-do list for the new month or, maybe, quickly finish the goals set for October. And for this, we need lots of energy and motivation to…

November’s end

Time continues to fly faster and faster as if yesterday never existed. I didn’t even have a chance to enjoy October, I don’t know where November went. I wanted to enjoy some time outside, walking around the city, spend some time in the fresh air, but my routine remained constant. I needed some time alone,…

Quote of the month

“When you get to the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Saturnian Dreams

“And their sun does never shine. And their fields are bleak and bare. And their ways are fill’d with thorns. It’s eternal winter there.” William Blake Under the Blue Moon I made a wish, a desire deeply engraved inside my being, a voiceless phrase between thousands of unspoken thoughts. A wasteland of dreams and fears…