A deal with the Devil

There are many tales around this one. Whatever form these legends take, the story’s the same: someone wants fame, money, talent, knowledge, love, power, you name it. And what’s the easiest way to obtain it? A pact with the Devil. Or so they think. The meeting always takes place at the crossroads, involving some personal…

Teke Teke – a modern Japanese urban legend

She is angry and her only purpose is to punish and kill. This vengeful Japanese ghost gets her name from the sound she makes with her fingernails while she’s dragging herself towards her victim. There are two versions of the Teke-Teke story, one that dates back to post-WWII-occupied Japan, and one that appeared around 1957….

To dream or not to dream?

I woke up shaking in the middle of the night after a bad dream, so intense that it kept me awake for hours. Isn’t there anything to keep us safe from night terrors?

Happy Mooncake Festival!

Today, Chinese people celebrate the second most important holiday of the year. The Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon/Mooncake Festival it’s a reunion time for families when they gather for dinner, admire the full moon, eat mooncakes and light paper lanters. The mid-autumn’s full moon is important because it is said that it is the brightest…

An ancient Japanese curse

Today’s scary creature is Inugami, a powerful curse created when a dog is transformed into a malevolent spirit.