Food for thought Thursday

Anybody who thinks there’s nothing wrong with this world needs to have his head examined. Just when things are going all right, without fail someone or something will come along and spoil everything. Somebody should write that down as a fundamental law of the Universe. The principle of perpetual disappointment. If there is a God who created this world, he should scrap it and try again.

― Athol Fugard, Master Harold…and the boys

Life is fragile. Anything can happen at any time. There are bigger things going on around us, but we are so caught up in our daily lives that we can’t pay attention to everything. Sometimes we can barely take care of our own problems, let alone get involved with the issues around the world. Even so, we should not remain ignorant. Trying to help, no matter how small the gesture is, can go a long way, and, little by little, maybe we can turn this whole world right.


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