Out of fuel

What a tragedy! I’m out of coffee. On a Monday morning. At the beginning of an incredibly busy week. After only a few hours of sleep.

Last night, my mind went on a rampage. You know those people who won’t stop talking and they’ll interrupt everyone no matter what? Last night my mind kept on rambling about everything that could or could not exist in the universe. I couldn’t shut it down. Around 1 a.m. I just got out of bed and filled 5 pages with thought after thought, even unfinished sentences because suddenly other things randomly popped into my head. I checked to see if it was a full moon or something because, apparently, at night I can transform into a rambling machine, howling and all.

The thing is, even during the day, when I should be focused on my tasks, my mind keeps on going on and off various things. I can even find myself narrating my actions! This relentless voice won’t give me a break! Needless to say, meditating is impossible most of the time.

Even if I didn’t sleep much, I got up determined to do my work, but when I looked into the coffee jar, disappointment hit. The heart stopped. All motivation gone.

I feel soulless without coffee. I tried tricking my mind with a cup of instant Inka, a mix of cereals that almost has the same taste as coffee, but it didn’t work. How could it work?! It’s like feeding a hungry lion with tofu!

I don’t know about you, but I must go buy some coffee. Hopefully, you had yours already. Always be prepared, and have a backup plan.

Have an inspiring week!


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