Another year had passed and today’s my birthday again. I’m not sad or happy about it, but I can’t say that I’m not concerned about the passage of time ’cause, ya know, I’m not getting any younger. When I was younger I used to celebrate my birthdays with joy and parties, happily adding more years to my existence. As time passed, I realized that adulthood is not as easy as I thought.

I’m only 31 but I already feel old, passed, as if the best years of my life came to an end when I hit 30. I’m not talking in terms of career or dreams, but about the strength and endurance of the body and the clarity of the mind. In your 20s you are healthy and in shape and you can be a couch potato and still have strong bones, but after you hit a certain age, exercise becomes imperative. I am deeply impressed by people who are in their 50s or 60s and they are in better shape than I am. I mean it! I’m subscribed to some old dudes’ and dudettes’ channels on YouTube that are in their mid-fifties and they ride dirt bikes, they surf, they pilot planes, while I can’t even ride a bicycle because my knees hurt. They are enjoying the shit out of this life and I am so jealous of that!

“You finally get your head together, then your body starts falling apart.” (Cross Enduro Training)

Being active, exercising, and keeping a positive mindset can bring back your youth and you can die young at 80. These people are incredible! They are like heroes to me, because everywhere I look, people that age have already given up. Most of them spend the remaining years of their life doing nothing as if there’s nothing more to do but wait for Death.

What are you going to do for the years that are left for you?

I know I’m not enough to change the world, but I know that I want to do the best I can while I’m here. If this is all there is, then I’ll take it and make the most of it.

What are we doing with our lives? Work, buy, consume and die? I want more than this.

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  1. colinmcqueen says:

    Well I’m 63 and I do plan to change the world somehow. As soon as I have a clue of how, I’ll let you know…

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    1. moonraven44 says:

      Great! I’m in!!

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