The risks of boredom

Even if there is always something to do, sometimes it feels as if I have too much free time. Oh, I’m not complaining about that, but there are days when I get bored of everything, even the activities I love doing and that leaves me with a lot of free time or wasted time. Being bored once in a while is a natural thing. It’s a sign that we need a change of pace, or to bring something new and exciting to our daily routine.

I’ve met people who were almost constantly bored. Their movements were slow and sluggish, they didn’t have anything to share, to talk about, they absent-mindedly watched the world and their life passing by. Besides going to work and watching TV, they didn’t have other interests. When I asked them what they like and what they expect from life, they said they just don’t feel like doing anything.

Well, you know the saying “I’m bored to death”?

I read about someone who suffered a heart attack because of boredom. Just as stress and anxiety put pressure on the heart, being bored for long periods of time has negative effects on the body as well. The stress hormones can elevate not only because of stress but also because of boredom. Both stress and boredom can affect the immune system and overall mental health, leading to depression.

Boredom is not an illness, is not something you get diagnosed with, but it creates the perfect circumstances for other things to happen. So, when you’re bored and you remain in the same state for a long time, your heart gets used to a certain rhythm. If there’s a sudden change in this rhythm, the pressure that’s put on the heart can be too much for it to handle. Therefore, when this person made a change and daily life got more stressful, their heart suffered a shock and failed.

This is a thing I’d never thought of before or believed could be possible. And so it happens that I know someone with whom I rarely meet, that doesn’t have any hobbies, he still lives with his parents, has no girlfriend, works in a fast-food restaurant, and does nothing else besides sleeping, eating, going to work and wasting time on the social media platforms. He barely has anything to say and he looks like a wooden board leaning against the wall. Not even making a shadow. When I asked him if he ever gets bored, he said he does but sees nothing more to do.

It’s beyond my comprehension. There are so many things to learn, see, and discover that a lifetime is not enough. But, I guess, if there’s no curiosity and desire, life becomes just a bland meal with no seasoning.


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