Brain activated!

Lately, I’ve been dreaming a lot more and my dreams became more vivid and action-packed. Quite thrilling!

For the past week, I’ve been dreaming every night and I woke up well rested and entertained. For most nights, dreams were pretty rare or I could barely remember anything after waking up, but somehow my brain became more active. I noticed this after I started playing a video game on PlayStation 4. Solving puzzles, and exploring a fictional universe, images and landscapes beyond this world kept my neurons active, creating new patterns. Plus, it’s quite amusing to think about these dreams while sipping my morning coffee. Sometimes I can’t believe my brain is capable of creating such detailed scenarios, images and colors, when, in the past, my dreams were black and white mostly.

To those who love dreaming, I think stimulation is the key. Get engaged in the imaginary process, get fully immersed in this unreal world, and let it flow through your veins, let it corrupt your mind.

Happy dreaming!

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