A most welcome retreat

Crazy times call for crazy measures!

Well, actually, I didn’t do anything wild, yet, but that would’ve been interesting. Spicing up life a little bit! πŸ˜€ This weekend I ran away from the world.

On Friday, right after work, my partner and I packed up our tent πŸŽͺ, lots of food and drinks, and spent the whole weekend in the woods with some friends. We have our favorite spot, about 2 hours away from home, but there is no reception!! No phone calls, no internet, no bad news to watch on TV. Completely cut off from the outside world. Living in the wilderness for two blissful days. A perfect retreat to clear the mind, the soul, to relax the entire body.

The sky was clear on both nights and we gazed at the stars for hours. We even spotted a few shooting stars and lots of satellites. During the day, we enjoyed hiking through the forest, waking up at the sound of woodpeckers, having coffee near a stream of water, and breathing fresh air, away from the heat πŸ”₯ of the city.

Laying on the grass, connecting with the earth, cleansed my whole mind and made room for hope and happiness. With all this much peace and beauty around me, how could I let my mind slip into dark thoughts?

Nature heals all wounds.

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