When in doubt, read!


Like everything else in life, ideas come and go. Somedays my head is like a bee-hive, buzzing with images and stories to tell, other times the insides of my skull become a ghost town where not even the wind blows.

This emptiness numbs my whole body, sending me into the bottomless pit of procrastination. Hours, days, weeks, time passes too quickly to keep up with it. No matter to which side I turn, my muse refuses to cooperate. So, I go straight into survival mode as if the flesh would fall off my bones and I’ll disintegrate unless I find something to write about.

I start searching frantically for something, anything to inspire me, to show me the way to greatness. Days may pass like this until I start shaking like a drug addict. I feel so dizzy I see stars. I throw myself on the bed, knocked out by anxiety, and as I turn to the left, eyes still wide open, I see the solution to all of my problems (well, maybe not all, but some of them): books. Why couldn’t I have seen it before?! Of course, the answer is always “books”.

Whenever you’re void of ideas and motivation, lifeless and depressed, pick up a book and look at the world through the eyes of others. A single dot, a word, or a sentence can spark that thought that can grow bigger and bigger until it becomes a story.

So, don’t lose hope, folks. When in doubt, read!

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  1. kiysbuddy says:

    This one hit today👍🏽 as I cast my mind out looking for inspiration

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