Cats, cats, cats

Cats are majestic creatures and they deserve to be treated like little gods. Yes, I am a cat person. Sue me! I love cats so much that I think my heart has the shape of one. I can even imagine two cats (because I have two) inside my chest pumping cuteness and gentleness through my veins.

Ginger and Vivi

I greet every cat I see on the streets and as each one of my closest friends has cats, I can proudly say that I am part of a Cat Club. I treat my cats the same way the Egyptians treated theirs. And as cats found their way into my home and my heart, I also realized that they sneaked in the way I talk. So, here are some idioms about cats!

Take a cat nap

I love this one. Cats are adorable when they nap, and even if I rarely sleep during the day, it is invigorating when I do and it makes me feel like a completely new cat.

Raining cats and dogs

This one is very visual for me because whenever I hear it I’m imagining actual cats and dogs falling from the sky.

A cat’s chance in hell

This one is used when there’s very little to no chance of accomplishing or getting something, but I think some cats are so badass that they can get through hell with no problem.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat

I’m not very fond of this one, for obvious reasons, but it’s a fun way to say that one thing can be done in different ways.

Like a cat on hot bricks or a cat on a hot tin roof

It means to be extremely nervous. Just imagine the way a cat walks on a very hot surface.

Wearing a cat on your head

This one is from Japanese and it is used when a person pretends to be nice only to hide their true nature or intentions. I’m usually not wearing hats, be it winter or summer, but I think I could look pretty cool with a cat on my head.


So, there you go! I hope I brightened your day a little bit! And beware! Cats are known to be the best familiars. Be careful not to get under their spell!

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