Friday – curse day

Friday is the day we are all looking forward to. It’s the day when life gets renewed and it can either make you dance wildly or take you to a place of zen. But what happens when this very good friend turns your back on you?

It so happens that for several Fridays in a row all of my plans got ruined and I started to dread this day. I and my sister made it into a joke and whenever we are having a bad day we ask ourselves if it’s Friday already.

After a week of hard work, we give ourselves permission to run away from the hassle and worries of everyday life. Making plans for Friday evenings keeps us motivated to push through those last working hours, and when nothing goes according to plan, disappointment hits hard. Somehow, my Fridays got cursed by my high expectations. Either the weather is bad, the car’s not running, the trip gets canceled, and so on.

Even so, I’ll just enjoy a glass of wine and laugh out in Friday’s face. I won’t let anything spoil the weekend. It is time to recharge!

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