Take a deep breath

What’s there to do when life robs you of energy and motivation? Well, coffee can make everything possible when every day is Monday. Coffee can reconstruct your whole being. Just imagining the sweet perfume emerging from a small cup, circling around the room and into my nostrils, and I’m already back to life.

Wednesdays can be tough sometimes. Already in the middle of the week, you may be on the fence about whether to start making plans for the weekend or work harder. That’s why this is the perfect day for self-care. Every Wednesday evening I like to kill all of my thoughts and destress my mind, because, let’s not forget, friends: state of mind equals state of body.

I invite you to take a break today and breath in deeply. Don’t postpone taking care of your well-being. Let yourself get hypnotized by a good book, a movie, a hot bubble bath, a walk in the park, or any other thing that makes you happy. Treat yourself. You’ve got this. You don’t have to play in the warzone every day.

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