Silver Sun

As days begin to get warmer I enjoy being outside more. Taking long walks around the city fills me with joy. Seeing parts of the city I forgot about or never even set foot in until now excites me. Exploring is fun.

The sky today was mostly clear, but the Sun was hidden behind a small patch of fluffy clouds and it looked like a full moon, and for a moment there I actually thought it was. I felt its gaze on the skin of my face, then it looked me right in the eyes, like a guardian of the sky, reassuring me that better days are coming. No more frozen ground, the snowdrops emerging confidently, defying the cold, announcing the arrival of a most beloved Spring.

I could feel my bones warming up and the silver Sun sending its life-giving light. I absorbed it hungrily as if I was the Tree of Life. My body became a rainbow, basking in the miracles of nature.

When the mind is clouded and heavy, take a break from the thoughts that are creeping up and keep you awake at night. Don’t expect some mysterious god to come to your rescue. Instead, try and see the miracles that are already unfolding every day around you. Find the soothing power of light in the Sun, the wonders of the stars, the softness of the flowers that begin to bloom, the smell of fresh air cleaning up your lungs.

Find life and joy in the small things and you may never know when something amazing will come your way.

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  1. What a beautiful post, friend.

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