Day one or one day?

A man who suffers before it is necessary,

suffers more than is necessary.


Making excuses

You see the road ahead of you, you can even visualize yourself walking down that path, but something keeps you from making that first step. Your feet are glued to the ground by fear, lack of confidence, anxious thoughts, imaginary dreadful scenarios that never happen.

Even though all these things are only in your mind, their grip on you feels real. You turn your back to your dreams, making excuses: today’s not the day, I don’t have time now, I don’t know where to start, I don’t have enough money to invest in this, I’m inexperienced, I’m not good enough yet, this is impossible to achieve, I should settle for something more realistic.

So, you walk away from, probably, the only thing that keeps you alive, that lights a fire between your rib cage and can make you happy. Day by day, you postpone meeting that version of yourself that you dream of. You know the way, the road is always there, yet you refuse to move towards it. Damn that first one step! Keeps getting in my way!

Aren’t you curious to meet yourself from the other side?

Be brave. Discover the reasons that are keeping you trapped outside the reality of your dreams. You are stuck outside the line before even beginning to dream. Acknowledge your fears and determine if they have a real foundation.

Are you ready to accept your fears and take the plunge? What’s gonna be: day one or one day? For me, it’s day one.

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