Maybe I took the “planning for the future” thing too far

As I had a one-week vacation, with plans and all, my computer took a break alongside me. I didn’t even touch the power button for this whole time, and I can tell you that I really enjoyed that. And clever me, I had some blog posts scheduled, so my mind was at ease. I was so proud of myself for doing this, that I didn’t even take 5 seconds to have another glance and make sure everything was in order.

Little did I know that, somehow, those posts ended up being scheduled for February NEXT YEAR!!

I don’t know how this happened, probably rushing to finish my work and without noticing, I clearly pushed the wrong buttons.

But fret not, cause those written pages are coming right up. There were still a few things to talk about that helped me get out of (or at least get some feet away from) my own handmade grave.

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