Dead silence

After everyone left and you find yourself alone, the reality of what just happened hits you. Being busy with preparing a funeral and all didn’t give you the chance to actually come to terms with the loss, but when everything’s done and everybody went back to their lives, reality stops. Everything around you stops. Time. The earth stops spinning, the planets, the sun, the moon.

And darkness engulfs you.

Silence devours you. A dead silence. A silence so heavy that all of your bones crack under its weight. The pressure in your skull makes your eyes pop out. The sound of silence explodes your eardrums and the heart evaporates inside your chest. Everyone left, leaving you alone with this mess. You need time alone, they say. You need to take some rest. They don’t feel that tormenting pain. They are not you and you are not them. They are back to their lives as you are back to yours.

Confused, you look from right to left, not even recognizing the house you are in, even if it is your own home. This isn’t right, you think. Something’s missing. Paralyzed, you continue to stare at the door you just closed after the last person to leave and you can’t make your legs move. You don’t know where to go. No room, no bed, no sleep will provide comfort. You are left alone, right in the middle of a bleeding wound, like the knife that is stabbing a still-beating heart. And the silence is excruciating.

Death ripped apart your lungs, your tools to breathe. Now what?

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  1. Amorina Rose says:

    a powerful piece.


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