Writing challenge

In September I challenged myself to write daily for 30 days. After the month ended, I kept on writing, curious to see how many days I can keep on going. Today marks the 100th day! It’s been an interesting journey and I’ll definitely do it again, but for now, I’ll take a break. December is a busy month for most of us, with the holidays coming and all. I am happy I took on this challenge and I certainly learned a lot.

The more I wrote, the easier it became to find my words. It helped me think deeper, write faster and be more creative.
I noticed that I don’t like writing about fixed topics and also I don’t really like the research part. I edit while I’m writing and this distrupts my flow, but I learned to direct my attention to the writing process first.

There were days when I just didn’t feel like staring at a blank page, searching for words in a pile of empty thoughts, but this commitment helped me find discipline. Every day was different from the day before and I could notice it in my writing, in the words I chose and the overall structure of the page. I took each day at a time, and no matter how frustrating it got when I couldn’t think of anything to write about, I pushed forward and succedded.

I can’t wait to do it all over again, but better. Next time I’ll plan first, research, write, and edit at the very end.
I believe this is a great exercise for every one. You can find out many things about yourself and it helps you get some clarity in your thoughts. And, most importantly, it is the best way to improve your writing and to learn something new every day.
Happy writing!

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  1. Amorina Rose says:

    So glad you are taking a break. I am too and it is only now that I want to pick up my manuscript. For some reason my second novel decided that I should leave it alone. It was correct. Happy holidays.

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    1. moonraven44 says:

      Thank you! Happy holidays! It’s always good to take a break and recharge. And this time of the year gets incredibly busy. I barely have time to breathe😅😅


  2. Write what you know? That’s a given…almost a cliche….but it’s been my experience that if you write what you feel or what you DON’T feel, that’ll often result in a free flow of witty script and vivid imagery. I’ve been a writer and broadcast journalist all my life. I’ve never written an outline or a character analysis or any of the things I learned in J-school. Those felt so needlessly tedious to me.

    My process is my own. I might write around something or someone I saw for a few fleeting seconds. Some have called me reckless as a result. It doesn’t matter to me; I write within my comfort zone.

    You have a true gift, but I’m glad you’re allowing the creative engines to cool. When the urge and/or compulsion to write hits (and you know what I mean by ‘compulsion’), you’ll take keyboard hand and sate that need. Unless you have a deadline attached to a paycheck, don’t pressure yourself. Always remember: writing is an art form.

    Merry Christmas and happy creating in ‘22.


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    1. moonraven44 says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words. As I’m taking this break, some days I feel that tingling inside of me that I should write. I also have my own process and I write what I feel, not necessarily what I know. I still have a lot to learn, to find out what works for me.
      Happy holidays!!

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      1. That tingle is the compulsion I wrote about. But don’t fight it but don’t necessarily give into it. I’ve got about 50 drafts that I started because of the tingle but, I just couldn’t complete. I either got bored or ran out of gas. I’ve taken a year off before. Life happened & I needed to feel some things that I simply didn’t care to express via my blog. I survived. You will, too.

        You have the talent. Fortunately, being able to write isn’t like muscle mass—if you don’t use it, you lose it.

        Please keep in touch when & if you feel like & forgive me for offering unsolicited advice. I’ve been writing all of my life….professionally for well over three decades. I feel a special kinship with writers who are trying to figure out the more emotional aspects behind the craft. The technical aspect is overrated. In my opinion, how we write matters, what we write is important but WHY we write is everything.


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      2. moonraven44 says:

        Yes, the reason why is the most important. As soon as my schedule gets less busy, I’ll immediately go back to writing. I miss it.
        I appreciate everything you told me. I will definitely reach out. Thank you for being so kind.

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