Unconditionally in love with life

It is undeniable. Whether you are having a tough time in this life or not, you cannot stop yourself from falling in love with being alive, with all the beauty around you, and the people that give you comfort and reasons to live. Even in the middle of a storm, there’s a gap in the clouds through which light makes its way in, and if you are able to discover it you can see that every problem has a positive side. Maybe even a funny one.

Funny memes

Humour can be a great tool we can use to see the bright side. It is not only a device that helps us cope with tragedy but, it also shows the great side of existence. When you look at the sky and remind yourself how vast the universe is and how tiny and entangled we are in our own-made webs, you see the irony of it all.

We can get so caught in our own minds and problems we forget that everything will end one day. We let ourselves be carried away by pain and grief and forget to look around us. We cannot see the forest for the trees. We get surrounded by darkness, grief, depression, anxiety every minute of the day. Still, we are in love with Life.

In times of difficulty, we forget that beauty is always there. And the moment when darkness dissipates, we can see it. Life is always there. Love is always there. We only forget about this, and we become enraged and blame Life itself for our misery. We turn our face away from light, from everything that used to be good, that used to bring us peace and happiness. We forget that there is light in the darkness, there is laughter in our tears, there is a hero wanting to rescue us from our nightmares.

Find that opening, seek the stars, even when it’s cloudy, because, after all the hardships, we are still in love with life, unconditionally.

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  1. ~M says:

    I really love this… so true! ❤️

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      1. ~M says:

        You’re welcome 😃


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