Echoes of love

The candles I lit around the room remind me of a sky full of stars. Walking through corridors of time, I remember the summer night when my heart was filled with a love I thought was forbidden. A love I kept buried because I was afraid it would scare him away. A love so intense that it made my skin crumble whenever I was near him. I feared looking into his eyes, observing his beautiful face. But that night something happened. Just like in the movies, we were near the river, a full moon reflecting on the running water. True fairy tale conditions. That was the first time I’d touched his face.

I didn’t know what I was doing and I bet he didn’t know either. I just couldn’t refrain myself, and he just stood there, observing me. My hands acted on their own accord. I was still learning to cope with these feelings I couldn’t understand. There he was, right in front of me, yet I felt like a lifetime away from him. We didn’t utter a single word as my hands traced the depths of his eyes, his straight cheekbones, and jaw. Neither of us said anything. I was afraid that if he knew he would run away. I was afraid that if I voiced my thoughts he would vanish into thin air and I’d wake up realizing he wasn’t even real in the first place.

Each time I got closer to him I was stepping through landmine fields. Pieces of my heart were flying everywhere. There was smoke and glamour in every touch, every sound his voice made, every breath he was exhaling.

Life has some unbelievable things to offer and I am incredibly lucky to have lived such wonderful moments. I’ve met people who never knew love, not even in their own imagination. If there is one thing that keeps me on this Earth is love. And I believe in it with unquestioning faith.

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  1. lynnfay73 says:

    Yeah, everybody should have a moment like that…

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