Plastic people

The whole city was flooded, but I didn’t remember raining. There was no light either and it felt like a never-ending night, with no moon or stars. I had no clue about what happened.

Someone I knew was on the other side of the road. Her hair was all over her face, yet I recognized her. I crossed the street almost swimming. The water was ice-cold and it was thick and smelled of something putrid. Maybe that wasn’t water I was swimming in… It was too dark to see.  

As I got closer, the person in front of me seemed made out of plastic. She was still like she wasn’t even breathing. Her eyes were wide open, gleaming in the dark, but she wasn’t blinking. I felt uneasy and felt the urge to turn back, but when I looked behind me she was there too, standing, staring at me. There was no other way but to go to her.

I kept swimming and noticed no one else was around. Somehow, the sidewalk was higher and I had to pull myself up. She didn’t help me, she just stood there staring. When I got at the same level as her, I felt something cold grabbing me by the neck. I shut down my eyes and exploded into a dreadful scream. She started screaming too.

And then… Silence.

I opened my eyes and the scenery had changed. I was in some kind of attic. There was a small window with no light coming through. I looked out and saw the same image with the whole city being flooded and turned into ruins. It looked like Dresden after the bombing. 

Suddenly, the floor cracked and I fell through it. What have I gotten myself into? I fell into a hot and humid room with six sets of glowing eyes staring at me. Again, they looked as if they were made of plastic and I got the feeling that they wanted to set me on fire. They started running towards me. Trying to escape, I pulled a piece of wood from the floor and lit it up. I burned up their faces and ran.

When I got out of the house, I found myself staying at the same crossroad, with the same woman on the other side, now laughing maniacally. 

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