Words are beautiful

I am in love with words.

They are doves falling out of the ceiling.

Anne Sexton

“Cellar door” is widely seen as a beautiful or musical phrase. There’s a study called phonesthetics that deals with how words sound. Some are euphonious or pleasing, and some are cacophonous or displeasing. A certain combination of sounds makes words have some kind of rhythm or harmony, just like music.

I don’t know why, but my favorite English word is “scarecrow”. It is not a soft or melodic word, but I like how it sounds even when I dissociate it from its meaning and image.

There is something magical hidden in the words we are using every day. They hold the vibrational energy of the speaker and they have the power to alter and change the receiver’s or listener’s perception of reality or their current state of mind. It is not only about the way you say something, but also about the choice of words.

Each word conveys an image, a sensation, a memory. Each word has its own fingerprints, its own identity, its own history. Etymology is “the study of the true sense of a word”, the search for the words’ “true meaning”. The words we are using carry a heavy past. They’ve been through battles, they’ve been thrown around and, through time and space, they were forced to evolve, to acquire new meanings, to change their shapes and structure.

Do you have any favorite words?

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