Relax, it’s Friday!

It’s that magical day again that we’ve been waiting for! Soon we’ll cross the border into Freedom Land and we can allow ourselves to breathe. We can put a pause on everything and let things wait until Monday.

But is that ok? To just put a pause on your stress, only to take it back from the beginning at the start of the week? Isn’t there a way to keep stress away altogether?

There are many articles, advice, and videos about how to make stress your friend, how to manage stress, how to stay calm in stressful times, how to live with stress as if it was an extra limb that grew with time. And I wonder, Why would I want to learn to live with something that’s causing me pain? Is stress so attached to us that it is unavoidable? Some levels of stress can be beneficial, just for the surge of motivation that it gives you, but I’m talking about chronic stress, that kind that grips you and dissolves you slowly, like a poison pill. Why can’t we find motivation from within us, in a peaceful way?

We gave stress a corporeal body, we made it tangible. We talk about it as if it’s some kind of relative that came from nowhere and made itself at home without our permission. We don’t want to be rude and cast it away, instead, we are learning to live with it. All of our fears gather around Stress, attracted by it as if it were a black hole, and it grows larger and larger until we become a prisoner of our own mind.

Let’s think for a bit. We identify stress with the situations we have to face, but stress doesn’t come from that. It comes from our inability to cope. We say that a job is stressful, kids are stressful, family is stressful, but these are things we cannot live without. We have to readjust ourselves, reevaluate our lives, our choices, to eliminate what is stressful instead of learning to live with it. Now, I’m not saying to eliminate your kids! Just find a better way to respond to these external things that make you feel overwhelmed. And everything has to come from inside. We are constantly looking for a magic pill or spell or a hero to save us.

We have to take care of our mental health because State of mind = State of body. The mind has a powerful force over your body because it is directly linked to the automatic nervous system. But why is it so difficult to find peace of mind? Well, stress is an automatic response, while relaxation isn’t. You have to follow a set of instructions and techniques to allow your body to relax. It requires dedication and discipline.

If you’re looking for easy ways to destress, try watching a comedy. Just the physical act of laughing can lower the levels of stress hormones and your body begins to relax. Take a hot bubble bath, it always works. If you like spending time on social media, look at pictures or videos with animals. Change your route, walk around your city in places that you usually don’t go. Have a cup of hot chocolate and write down your thoughts, declutter your mind.

Dedicate your free time to your well-being. You know what you have to do, then why aren’t you doing it? What’s more important than your own happiness and health?

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