Sweet Monday, white coffee

May your coffee be strong, and your Monday be short

Traditionally, white coffee is a term for the coffee beans that are roasted halfway to a lower temperature. This technique gives the beans a whitish color, a higher concentration of caffeine, up to 50% more, and, also, more healthy antioxidants.

In Beirut, white coffee, Kahweh Baida or Café Blanc, is a drink made with boiling water and orange blossom water, a citrus-flavored ingredient, known as neroli. Despite calling it “coffee”, it has no caffeine or coffee beans whatsoever, and it serves as a sedative, instead of an energizer.

In Malaysia, white coffee is a beverage made by roasting coffee beans with margarine. Then it is mixed with sweetened condensed milk in a cup, creating a sweet coffee treat. 

In most English-speaking countries, white coffee is just regular black coffee with milk or cream. Still, not to be confused with cafe au lait, which uses heated or steamed milk, while white coffee has chilled milk.

I think it sounds delicious. Would you try some?

Liked this post? Then, let’s have a cup of coffee together, white or dark, your choice! And don’t forget to follow for more cool stuff about coffee every Monday!

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