Why do we see darkness as something negative? Why do we see light as something positive? Is it everything about duality, good and evil, black and white, love and hate? We live our lives trying to find balance. But the problem is, not finding it, but struggling to maintain it.

Although it is perceived as something that damages us, some people are attracted to the dark side of the mind and even find comfort there. Sometimes the light blinds you, while the darkness offers you the protection you need.

The longer the night, the deeper the darkness, the sweeter the light that awaits at the end of the tunnel. It gives us the assurance that hope and joy and life are strong and can break into pieces even the darkest day of all days. I believe that even those who surrender to darkness dream of the freedom of light.

But only in the dark, you can see the stars above you.

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  1. lynnfay73 says:

    I am a night person, but I also love the light. I could never live in Alaska.

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