Monday’s coffee reading

It turns out that coffee holds the power to tell you the future. Another great reason to fall in love with this aromatic beverage! But, again, what’s there not to love about coffee?

Coffee reading

Tasseography or tesseomancy is a divination method practiced mostly in Baltic and Slavic nations. It is used to tell the future by analyzing the leaves patterns in tea or the leftover coffee grounds in the cup.

The most common variation of coffee reading is to turn the coffee cup upside down after you finished drinking. of course, then interpret the way the coffee grounds lined up. Some divide it into two horizontal parts: the bottom represents the past, while the top half brings messages from the future. Other fortune tellers divide it into three: the bottom is the past, the middle is the present, and close to the rim is the future.

You can also split the cup vertically as in “yes/no” answers, with the left side dealing with negative outcomes and the right side with positive events.

While drinking the coffee you have to constantly focus on your question or intent. Some coffee readers would require you to drink your coffee in 1, 3, or 5 sips. Magic numbers? Others would ask you to put a ring or a coin on the top of the cup if your intent was love or wealth.

Another interesting reading is to divide the cup into 5 parts. The cup’s handle must be pointing towards you. The area around the handle deals with love, across the handle you may get answers concerning money, the section to the left shows the present situation, the right one deals with future events and the bottom gives advice related to home and family.

Did you have your coffee today? What did it show you?

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