How do you keep the story alive?

Whenever I write, I must feel every inch of it, I must feel the words running down my veins, mixing up with my blood, dripping along with the tears in my eyes. It must fill my lungs with the scent of burned paper. But, usually, after some time, the story dies and it just bursts out of my mind.

I’ve written many things, only to abandon them because, after a few days or weeks, I lost the feeling. And no matter for how long I stared at the blank page or re-read how the story went so far, I was unable to summon back the feeling.

Everything starts out so beautiful, like a fresh love story that enters your life exactly when you need it the most. And it soothes your soul, like a soft-skinned hand caressing your spine, making you shiver. Do you know that enthusiasm when you get a sudden idea and everything looks so perfect as if the whole universe aligned? Things click together perfectly, you put it on paper and the whole story comes to life. You become more alive than ever with every written page.

The thing is, after some time, it starts to lose its spark. It’s so frustrating! Once, I tried to piece together different bits from different stories and it seemed to work. Things looked as if they were going somewhere, and then it happened again. It died. It imploded and the whole world collapsed.

How do you reignite a dead page?

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  1. Fairy Queen says:

    When I write I don’t ask myself the problem of how a story should be, I just write. Everything comes by itself, I write in a certain way, if I don’t like it then it doesn’t matter. I don’t have an economic purpose to write, I don’t have to answer to anyone.

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    1. moonraven44 says:

      I usually don’t know where my stories are heading, either. But, it just happens that I lose momentum and all gets lost.

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