Friday is my favorite F word

Work starts on Monday. Life begins on Friday.

So, you wake up in the morning, you stretch, you rub your eyes to take those webs that are still stitching your eyes, make some coffee, maybe have some breakfast, and you realize: it’s Friday! And from that moment your energy and enthusiasm go high up the scale, you jump off the seat, get dressed, and almost dance your way to the door. You can’t wait for the workday to be over, so you can make new incredible stories to share on Monday.

If we felt every day how we feel on Friday, our lives would be amazing. We are desperately waiting for the end of the week even if we have a job that we love. We are waiting for that moment when we can leave behind all the stress and worries. Maybe, we even congratulate ourselves for surviving another week. All that’s left is to decide how to celebrate.

In the United Kingdom and Australia, Friday is known as POETS Day. No, no. Nothing about poetry here. POETS stands for Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday. Yep! Kinda nailed it!

Looking forward to all those hours you get to dedicate only to your well-being makes your skin tingle and, for the entire day, you have this smile on your face, so big that it may even creep people out a little bit.

So, what will it be? A glass or the whole bottle? That Friday kind of feeling.

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