Oh, the delicious smell of Autumn

There’s no question about it: Summer came to an end. We’re done with the high temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius, it barely gets to 23-24 degrees now. And I quite like it this way. Taking a walk through the city is more enjoyable and, instead of fighting off the heat, I can take my time and absorb all that is happening around me.

Autumn is a beautiful season for me. Even if it can bring moody days with low energy, dark thoughts, and the unwillingness to get out of bed, it can also spark joy and peacefulness. It depends on how my body feels with all the changes that are happening.

Autumn carries my best memories. I met my better half at the end of summer and we got to know each other during this whole season until winter. Imagine long, almost daily walks and hours of talking, laughter, and discovering parts of the city we didn’t know existed.

I remember the excitement of going out with my best friends, gathering leaves, and throwing ourselves in that pile of so many colors. I know most of us had done this at one moment in their life, but isn’t this the beauty of it? In what other season can you do that? It is a magical moment that belongs only to autumn.

Also, campfires and baked apples with cinnamon. Nothing beats standing around a fire in the company of friends and having one of the best sweet treats in existence!

And I love wearing comfy and fluffy sweaters while not having to wear that many layers of clothing as during winter. Not to mention the coziness of having a warm drink in my hand, reading, and listening to the rain outside. That feeling of safety and the simplicity of a day spent with a calm mind is almost magical. In a world where everything is so chaotic and stressful when we can barely take 5 minutes to breathe and observe and absorb the life around us, these peaceful moments can make us feel free and remind us that beauty resides in simplicity.

How do you feel about this season? Do you enjoy the changes or would you rather move to a place where the sun always shines?

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