Another cup of coffee, please! It’s still Monday.

Sometimes, my cup of coffee seems too small.

There are days when my body craves for a bigger fill. Today is one of those days, so bring a bigger cup and let’s have a coffee together, enjoying the warmth in our hands for longer, while learning two more fun facts about our favorite beverage!

Bathing in it?!

Do you love coffee so much that you would even bathe in it? Well, if you go to Japan, you can. Beside being the most widely consumed central nervous system stimulant, coffee has also some beauty benefits, from fighting free radicals, enhancing hair health and growth, reducing the dark circles under the eyes to minimizing the appearance of cellulite. And at the Hakune Kowakien Yunessun Spa and Resort you can dive and relax into a pool of coffee. Not sure if you should also have a sip while soaking up in it.

Photo by Liana Horodetska on

Coffee and longevity?

On average, a cat lives for about 15 years, but Creme Puff shared 38 years with her owner, Jake Perry. He said that the key to the cat’s longevity was coffee. In addition to regular cat food, Jake gave Creme Puff coffee mixed with cream on a daily basis. So, have your daily dose of coffee, people! Maybe it works for humans too.

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  1. My problem with big mugs is the coffee loses heat to quick. So when I say I drink 3 cups, the cups are regular size and don’t get lukewarm before I finish.

    But 3 is my limit usually.

    Do you want to bathe in coffee? Lol. I think I’ll pass. 😳☕🙃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. moonraven44 says:

      Yes, that’s true. The coffee cools down fast. What I do is get my big cup and fill it gradually from a thermos. This way it stays hot all the time and I never exceed 2 regular cup size.


  2. Amorina Rose says:

    I love this post. Don’t know whether to believe or not but going with the believing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. moonraven44 says:

      Well, believe it, because they are real. The spa and resort exists, and Creme Puff “was the oldest cat ever recorded, according to the 2010 edition of Guinness World Records, when she died aged 38 years and 3 days.” (Wikipedia)


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