More writing, more notebooks

When I was on my road trip, I missed writing. Travelling is fun, but also exhausting, so whenever we arrived at the guest house, I was too tired or not in the mood for writing. But it made me think about how happy writing makes me feel. I don’t have to write something meaningful. Just the act of feeling my fountain pen running across the page fills me with joy.

Writing comes with many benefits

Keeping a journal helps you gain awareness of your reality. The art of writing is not only a way to communicate with others, but also with ourselves. Through introspection you are able to make better decisions and whenever in doubt, it helps you regain clarity.

Writing makes you happier because it releases stress and it allows you to slow down and analyze your thoughts. Think about those times when you felt anxious or depressed or nervous. Didn’t writing made you feel better?

Writing can have the same effects as a meditation session

Stop rushing and take time to write. It brings you down to the present moment and it helps you live more focused. We all know that every picture has a story to tell, but memories are better preserved in writing. I can’t say for how many times I opened old journals, read some pages from my past and it projected me there with all the emotions flooding my body.

That’s one reason I decided to play around designing notebooks. I am still experimenting with it whenever I have the time and three others are available on Amazon. You can check them out here and share your opinion about them so I can improve my skills.

I will share with you here the cover and the interior, which are also available to see on Amazon.

This one is my favorite, so far:

It’s 6″ x 9″, it has black and white interior with cream paper and 160 pages. It is lined and ruler, as you can see and the cover has a matte touch.

These two have the same interior, only the cover differs:

They, also, are 6″ x 9″ with black and white interior and cream paper. The design at the corners comes in black, not gold. It’s more expensive to print it in color, but if you are interested, I could change that. These notebooks have 120 pages and the cover is glossy.

Again, this is my Amazon page, AstridSoreaDreams. Feel free to check it out and send me some feedback.

There will be more to come, as soon as I get new ideas. I like notebooks very much and I believe one cannot have too many of them!

Happy writing!

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