Monday’s cup of coffee

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee. After a resting weekend, the beginning of a new week begs for a boost of motivation and energy. That’s why MonDay should be called CoffeeDay.

Did you know coffee was banned multiple times?

In 1511, the governor of Mecca banned coffee because he believed it was stimulating radical thinking. He feared that drinking coffee would give power to the opposition to rise against him.

In Italy, around 16th century, the clergymen declared coffee as being satanic, but Pope Clement VII fell in love with its delicious taste. He even baptized coffee and soon after, coffee houses sprang up through the whole continent.

The Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Murad IV, banned it in 1623. Known for his brutality, he set up penalties for those who were caught drinking coffee. If you were caught for the first time, the punishment was a good beating. The second time it would’ve been the last time you ever lay hands on a cup of coffee or anything else. The punishment was being sewn into a leather bag and thrown into the Bosphorus strait.

Sweden government forbade coffee in 1746. Even the cups were confiscated.

In 1777 Prusia, Frederick the Great thought that the best drink for breakfast was beer, not coffee. He believed that beer consumption was at risk, losing popularity in front of coffee beverages.

Therefore, enjoy your coffee while you can,

hope it won’t be banned again.

The best stories are shared over a cup of coffee. Would you have a cup with me? Buy me a coffee if you’d like and check out the story of the Golem, if you missed yesterday’s post.

Have a lovely week!

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