Monday coffee facts

Let’s begin another week with a cup of volcanic energy. Whether you drink it for its rejuvenating effects or for the rich aroma, for most of us coffee is the best way to a great day!

Did you know that coffee is actually a seed, not a bean?

They are called beans only because of their resemblance, but the Coffea bush makes cherry-like fruits that are red when ripped. These coffee plants can grow up to 10 meters tall. When not processed, you can even plant the seed and have your own coffee tree! Most of the world’s coffee grows around the area between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer.

Fun fact

Even bees love coffee! Honey bees feed on the nectar of the white flowers of the Coffea plant, ingesting the same caffeine as us. Can’t imagine, though, how does a bee looks like after the jittery effects of caffeine!

The best stories are shared over a cup of coffee. Did you have yours today? Would you have a cup with me? Buy me a coffee if you’d like.

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