For the love of cats

The Ancient Egyptians domesticated cats about 5000 years ago. Highly worshiped and respected, they were considered sacred animals and the whole clan would mourn the loss of a cat. Killing one would bring the death punishments upon its killer.

Bastet – Egyptian cat goddess (

Cats are magnificent creature

Then why does the Church despised them so much? During the Middle Ages, the black cat was feared the most and they were thought to be a witch’s familiar or even the witch herself. In the Bible, one story tells that Lilith could transform into a giant black cat. They were associated with dark magic and it was believed that their bite is poisonous. In the 14th century, people blamed the cats for the spreading of Black Death and many were killed because of this.

Some stories tell about how cats like to steal the souls of infants through their mouths. Others say that if you see two cats fighting on a grave or near a dying person, it’s actually a fight between an angel and a demon over that person’s soul.

Cats and superstitions about the weather

In England, some say that when a cat claws the curtains the day will be windy. In Wales folklore, cats can predict the rain if their eyes dilated or if they washed their ears. Also, if you saw a cat sneezing it means that a big rain is on its way.

Even sailors believed that cats are the cause for storms. One story tells about a witch who got on board of a ship. Because sailors believed women’s presence bring bad luck on ships, they threw her over board. Enraged, the witch summoned a storm and wrecked it. Since then, she haunts the sea under the image of a cat and looks for other ships to submerge.

Not all cats are bad cats

In Norse mythology, Freya has her chariot pulled by two male cats. She is the symbol of fertility, the untamable woman, wild and free. Also, the cats assisted her in casting spells or sending messages. The Norsemen believe that if a cat appears on a wedding it is a sign that the marriage will be a long and happy one.

The prophet Mohammed also loved cats. The story says that a feline fell asleep over his sleeve and he cut the sleeve because he didn’t want to wake her up.

In Thailand, if someone from the royal family died, a Siamese cat would receive their soul.

In Japan, black cats are a symbol of good fortune, success and happiness.

In Scotland, people believe that black cats bring prosperity if found on your doorstep.

In Italy, a sneezing black cat brings good luck.

Cats are our amazing companions for thousands of years and they appear in folklore and superstitions all over the world. I have two cats myself, Ginger and Vivi, and I love them from the bottom of my heart. Both were rescued and I make sure everyday to give them the best of this life. Treats and toys all over the house, cuddles and kisses all the time.

My beautiful boy, Vivi, the black cat, was named brand ambassador for They have cool accessories, collars, toys and more, for our little stars. They ship worldwide and I am joyfully waiting for my purchase!

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It is as if they’ve put up a spell on us. Sometimes I wonder who domesticated who. Maybe it is us who live under their meowgical spell.

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