A tragedy – when you get what you want, but don’t know how to have it

Do you remember the last time you felt so lost, you couldn’t believe you’ll ever make it out alive and you were so deeply wrapped in the web to even see the entrance?

 Here you are, in the dark, standing with your bare feet over this spot marked with a big, fat “X”, almost judging you. Looking to the right and then to the left, up and then down, not knowing where to go, what to do next, you are unable to make up your mind. You’ve been drifting further and further away from what you used to dream about that you can’t remember the reason you took up this path in the first place.

Imagine. This is you, for the last… some years.

 Some time ago, some other place, that now feels like a completely different planet, you craved for something so distant that you could barely afford dreaming about. And then, out of the blue, your impossible dream comes true. “But how did this happen?”, you are asking yourself over and over again. You can’t explain it, you think there’s a catch, you try to find the flaws, you’re analyzing every bit of it, you think you don’t deserve it.

  You got what you wanted, but you don’t know how to have it.

 So, you lose it. You lose the only thing that kept you alive for so long. That, right there, is the tragic flaw which makes you a tragic hero. In a story like this everyone dies, that’s why it is called a tragedy. There is no one left alive at the end of the play.

  This is you, verbless.

 You lost it, there’s no going back. And this leaves you with an enormous whole inside of you and you try to fill it with everything you can get your hands on, but it is never enough. You can never replace a dream this big. You thought it was impossible, you thought you weren’t good enough. What once kept the life flowing through you, is now bringing you destruction.

 Here you are, somewhere on the path you chose, taking decision after decision after decision, only to get to a point where you realize that half the time you took the wrong ones.

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