For the love of #notebooks!

On a sleepless night, about a year ago, an interesting idea popped up: creating my own brand of journals or notebooks that people like me would enjoy using in their creative or writing process. I expressed my love for notebooks here and I know there are other persons out there who share the same feeling about them. However, living in a small city, I couldn’t find too many people interested in keeping a journal, using a daily planner or writing whatsoever. Even so, for my own enthusiastic little heart, I made these small A6 (4×6 inches) notepads with 60 colored pages and sold them around.

I wanted to deliver something different, something I would love to have for myself. I added images with cats, a rose, coffee beans, the Moon phases at the top corners, while the lower right corner got punched with a hobby craft hole puncher. I really wanted to bring a smile on the face of whoever used these notepads.

Not long ago, I found out I could design and sell journals on Amazon. Until now, I’ve published 4 of them and I hope they will come in handy for anyone who share the same love as I do for the simple act of writing, of keeping track of our feelings and improving our lives through gratitude and positive thoughts.

To be honest, I did it out of curiosity, but two weeks ago I got contacted by someone from Readers Magnet saying they were interested in my Gratitude Journal and would like me to write an article about it. I was very surprised, but skeptical. I submitted the article a few days ago and, if you are interested, you can read here -> Improve your life by practicing gratitude. This kind of made me think more seriously about it.

On Amazon you won’t find pictures with the interior, but I’ll share it with you here. If interested, please check out my page -> Astrid Sorea where you can find those that are currently published.

I have big plans for the next notebooks, ideas keep flooding my mind and I’m really excited about it.

Please, help me spread the word by sharing, liking and feel free to write me any suggestion you might have. Share your love for notebooks!

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  1. Woah! That’s super cool news 🙂 I am happy for you and I hope it will lead to something very nice and beautiful!

    I love notebooks too, and how much I like designs and stuff, for myself only the ‘boring’ kind works out. All my notebooks are without lines or drawings and preferably , and a bit large, more like sketching books. Somehow small notebooks don’t work for me because everything I write, I can’t write things orderly and line by line. I write criss cross and up an down :S works probably just like my mind 😉

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    1. moonraven44 says:

      Thank you! And thanks for sharing your love for notebooks. I might think of designing something you may actually like 😆😉

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